Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sing me a saga...

Phase 4 were lucky enough to go and watch the Phase 3 production today, titled 'The Viking Sagas'.

We were all very impressed with all the wonderful acting, dancing, singing and instrument playing!

Well done to all the children in Years 3 & 4, along with all the staff for their hard work.


  1. this play that year 3 and 4 did was amazing I can not belive that they would be that good well done year 4 and 3

    Danielle th

  2. I liked there play well done children and teacher and all the costume my favourite costumes was thor and the fly they was funny

    Amelia b

  3. I thought it was amazing but I didn't think they could pull something off like that


  4. I thought it was cool I epically like the fly costume :) Amie

  5. It was amazing!!! I loved the fly­čśÄ

    Nicole,Sophie,Molly and Alex

  6. It was AMAZBALLS as mr h says I really enjoyed it teach me teach me pleas

    Abigail in year 6

  7. well done staff for putting so much effort into this it will be us next xx

  8. it was incredible iloved it .elouise


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