Monday, 19 October 2015

Art Week

Miss Fenton almost had an 'art' attack when she saw how her children's faces were improved by giving them a Picasso twist!

The children decided Miss Fenton and Mrs Rogers needed a makeover too...!


  1. I bet you and your class had lots of fun drawing them pictures i want to do it. it looks fun.


  2. miss fenton and miss rogers what would you think about yourself if your faces where achally like that haha !
    I really enjoyed doing this can we do it again please ?

  3. what we hast to do is we had a dise and a pice of paper and a white board and also a white board pen we roalld the dise and on the pice it would give us a head then you roal the dice again to get some eyes and ceep rolling the dice so you have got a head eyes ears mouth and nose.
    could again miss fenton and miss rogers IT WAS SO FUN !

  4. It was so fun can we do it again


  5. scarlett jeffery1 May 2016 at 21:42

    I really really liked this because it is funny when you get your completed face I think we have learned about Picasso before in the beginning of year five


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