Monday, 29 September 2014

We Are Hull United!

We are Hull, we are Hull, we are Hull!

Something we are all used to hearing over recent years, as sports teams around the city are flourishing in the top leagues of their respective sports. However, it was a new football team that caught the attention of the children at Endike Academy last Friday.

Members of the the Hull United squad visited Endike Academy to promote their team and to offer our children the opportunity to go along and support the team during home games this season.

We're Going Mad For Mathletics!

For once Mr Hill agreed to let the children spend a lesson staring at a computer, as they put their Mathematics skills to the test against children around the world using the ICT programme Mathletics. The children really enjoyed challenging each other to quick fire addition and subtraction quizzes (even Mr Hill had a go).

As of yet, Mr Hill remains unbeated. However, he is beginning to get nervous, as several of the children got close to catching him! Who will be the first?

Think Pink, Go Green And Purple Polish!

6H spent time reviewing their amazing Big Writes last week, as they got the chance to up-level each others writing. This gave each of them the chance to reflect on their previous piece of writing, adding extra detail where possible and responding to Mr Hill's feedback.

Well done 6H!

Wish You Were Here!

Class 6H managed to fly their teacher, Mr Hill, off to lands of wonder and enchantment this week, as they created beautiful settng descriptions based on a single picture. Using different descriptive techniques (and their imagination) the children initially work together before independently creating their own marvellous pieces of writing.

Fantasy Football

We would all like to say a big well done to our Phase 4 Football Team, who competed in a local cup against other schools in the area. After a very narrow semi-final defeat, the team finished 4th overall.

Well done boys!

Lets keep it up for the rest of the season!

We're The Talk Of The Town!

Children across Phase 4 started their new Talk of the Town intervention programme today. Over the coming weeks a small group of children will spend time working with Mrs Wood and Mrs Rogers leaning new words, idioms and extending their vocabulary.

Tag! You're It!

 The children in 6H and 5/6MH really put their speed and quick thinking to the test on Friday, as they pitted their wits against each other during Tag Rugby training. All of the children did really well and even Mr Hill got involved (although he didn't catch anyone).

Better luck next time!

Thursday, 11 September 2014

Proud To Be Here!

The children in 6H left their teacher, Mr Hill, very proud as their shared some of their recent achievements outside of school and made it on to the 'Make Me Proud' wall.

Well done Bethany, Adam, Maddison and Elyce! I can't wait to see who makes it up there next week!

Showing Off In A Big Way!

The children really showed off their writing skills today, as the wrote their first Big Write of the year. They certainly chose the best topic to write about as well... themselves. They all produced a superb range of non-chronological reports all about their lives so far.

They sure make fascinating reading, especially the section about their future hopes and dreams.

Make A Right Display Of Ourselves!

Who are we?

The children in 6H started their creative curriculum topic by first looking closely at themselves. Focusing on their likes, family, friends and aspirations, the children used the concept of an i-pad to display parts of themselves they would like others to know about.

I think you'll all agree that they really hit the mark with this topic!

Mathematics Putting Us In Our Place!

6H continued developing their multiplication and division skills during this mornings lesson as they moved on from multiplying by 10, 100 and 1000 and started dividing by 10 and 100. Using what they had learnt about place value during the previous week, the children made some excellent progress throughout the lesson.

Well done 6H!

Marvellous 6H!

Mrs Elliott has put her creative side to work recently, as she and the children of 6H created a brilliant display so they could show off their marvellous writing based on George's Marvellous Medicine. The children had used the Roald Dahl classic as inspiration for what characteristic they would include in their perfect classroom recipe.

We're Multiplying and Divide Our Maths Skills!

5/6H put their multiplication and division skills to the test this morning, as they continued to practice multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Flower Power Hour!

The children in 6H continued learning about their biology topic this afternoon.  Using the i-pads, the children researched the different part of a flower.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Votes Are In!

 Forget the General Election! Forget the Scottish Independence referedum! The time to vote with your head (and hearts) was truely here, as the children of Phase 4 voted for the children they would like to represent them on the Endike School Council 2014/15.

After hearing all of the speeches, the staff and children were impressed with all of the candidates. It certainly was a very close vote and we can't wait for the final announcement shortly!

Watch this space!

Perfect Puppet Pals!

Children from Phase 4 will be taking home new friends this year, as our phase puppets enjoy new experiences all around Hull. This year the children in Phase 4 will have the opportunity to take home one of our 6 puppets, taking them on adventures and writing ongoing diary entries.

We can't wait to hear all about the adventures the children and puppets have over the coming months!

Watch Out! Our New E-Safety Team Are Here!

Although it was a very tough decision (as all of the entries were excellent) Mr Hill and Mrs Elliott finally chose the posters that best informed children about how to keep safe online.

So on behalf of our new E-safety team (Harry, Keisha and Alisha), be SMART!

It Is All In The Blurb!

As you can see, the children in 6H faced a tough decision this afternoon as they were set the challenge of choosing the most effective blurb from their favourite classroom books. After much discussion and debate, the children were able to identify how a blurb can help a book jump off the shelf and into their imagination.

Super reading 6H!

Watch OutE-Safety Crew!


No, this wasn't the cry from Mr Hill to his class. This children in 6H had been learning about how to keep safe online using the acronym SMART (Safe Meeting Accepting Reliable Tell).

It was great to see just how much the children already knew about keeping safe online.

Elegant Handwriting!

You could hear a pin drop in Mr Hill's classroom on Monday afternoon, as 6H started their handwriting practice. It was amazing to see how the children developed over the course of just one lesson and I can't wait to see them all adopt their new cursive style in all of their books.

An Enchanting Investiagtion!

Everyone in 6H became detectives during our latest Literacy lesson, as they identified, discussed and presented the different features of a narrative text. The children are in the early stages of writing their own narrative based on the Enid Blyton series ' The Magic Faraway Tree' so watch this space!

Going Potty For Plants!


The hard work continued in 6H as they set up a long-term observation investigation about plants and what they need to grow. Over the next few weeks, they will be ensuring two plants have water and sunlight, two have only sunlight or water and two have no water or sunlight at all. Which plant do you think will grow the best?

Look What We've 'Bean' Doing!

5F demonstrated that they are a bunch of super scientist when they set up their first investigation of the year. The children are learning all about how varying levels of sunlight and water impact on the growth of plants.

Home Learning And Beyond!

The children in 6H set a great example for the rest of the school when, three days earlier than expected, they returned their home learning (all even had a smile on their face). In Phase 4, we send our home learning out on Friday, with the deadline set for Wednesday so I was very impressed when so many returned after the weekend, eager to show what they had done.

Well done 6H!

Heads Down For Big Maths!

The children in 6H continued to show off their Mathematics skills early in the new academic year when rapidly recalling their multiplication facts and number bonds! The children had 100 seconds to answer 72 questions!

Ready, Set, Go! It's Read Write Ink!

The children in Phase 4 started their new Read Write Ink (Literacy) groups this week. It was great to see all of them showing that they hadn't forget any of the letters and sound over the holidays! Well done boys and girls!

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Spot The Genre!

Miss Fenton's class got 'stuck' into their Literacy lesson today, looking at a range of different text types and identifying them by sticking post it notes on them!

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Benchball Begins!

"You're on the bench!"
Four words that, under normal circumstances, nobody would want to hear. However, the children in 6H were all keen to be on the bench as they started learning several new sporting skills during their Friday afternoon PE lesson.
All of the children really got to grips with the rules and cannot wait to start a few competitive games in the coming weeks.


Marvellous Mr Fardell!

What a great end to the day!
Thursday afternoon marked the start of something new at Endike Academy, as all of the children and staff took part in the first singing assembly of the year. Everyone agreed that it was a massive success and we would all like to thank Mr Fardell for the opportunity to sing as a whole school.
We can't wait for the next one!

Planting The Seed (For Learning)!

On Wednesday afternoon the children of 6H took the time to visit Endike's Foundation Stage, in order make observations of the different plants growing in their garden. We would all like to thank the staff and children for the chance to explore their outside classrooms.

Expanding Maths!

The children in 6H made every second count as they started their first Mathematics lesson. Everyone  demonstrated their ability to represent 7 digit numbers in standard, written and expanded notation.

Hopping For Good Grammar!

All of the children in 6H jumped at the chance to combine their hopscotch techniques and basic grammar knowledge in their very first SPAG lesson of the year.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

6HI Bursting To Get Started!

The children in 6H made a smashing (or should that be popping) start to the new academic year as they jumped on the chance to pop balloons that held questions about the year ahead.

Although the children gave a range of different responses, they all agreed on one thing... they could not wait to get started!