Thursday, 23 October 2014

Endike Make A Big Bang At Kingswood Academy!

The children of class 5F had a wonderful morning at Kingswood Academy learning all about science. Throughout the morning, they took part in several exciting and engaging science experitments, from creating Bloodhound Racing Cars to making Water Rockets.

A big thank you to all of the staff and children from Kingswood Academy who made our visit very entertaining and educational.

As you can see from the pictures, we had a super time!

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Who Needs The Great British Bake Off!

With the ever popular programme finally coming to a conclusion (much to the disappointment of Mrs Elliott and Mr Hill), the children in Year 5 started their very own culinary journey with the support of our Endike Academy dinner ladies.

Rumour has it that apple crumble was on the menu tonight, as the children cooked a three course meal for their parents and carers.

I hope they don't forget their teachers!

Are You Sure It Is This Way?

5F took part in a different Mathematics lesson today, as they tested their orientation skills whilst reading a series of maps. The children had to find several key points hidden around the school grounds - all hidden by Mrs Wood.

Mr Hill and Mrs Wood were both very impressed with what they saw, as not only were they able to orientate and read the maps but they all also demonstrated superb communication skills.

Tag! You're It!

A big well done to Phase 4's Tag Rugby team who, this afternoon, showed that all of their hard work during recent training sessions had helped as they participated in a Tag Rugby Tournament at a local academy.

Despite several impressive individual performance, the team were unable to make the semi-finals. Regardless of the result, Mr Hill and Mrs Weinmann were very impressed with their attitude and team work.

Well done children!

Classification Is The Key!

5F continued their Science topic on Biology during a recent lesson, using classification keys to sort and categorise different vertebrates.

We've Got Chill And They're Multiplying (by 10, 100 and 1000)!

The children in 5F were working hard during a recent Mathematics lessons multiplying integers (whoe numbers) by 10, 100 and 1000. They used hoola hoops and whites boards to show how each digit moves when multiplying and, more importantly, how the value of the digit changes aswell.

Well done 5F!

Hear All About Our Horrible History Skills!

Following on from their visit to Hull Theatre to watch 'Horrible Histories' Barmy Britain', the children in 5F planned and performed their own 'Horrible Histories' sketches.

They all really impressed Mr Hill and Mrs Wood with their speaking and listening skills, as well as their acting abilities.

I think you'll all agree that they were brilliant!

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Forget Me Not!

Remember, remember the... now how does it go again?

The children in 6H put their memory skills to the test today, as they began their memory skills training in preparation for their JMC Memory Championship later in the academic year. The children will master various memory fine tuning skills during the coming months in preparation for several on-line memory tests.

"We're all really excitied because the winning school gets to go to the final in London!"

I'm pretty sure their teacher will be hoping their finely developed memory skills will help them during their SATs aswell1

What A Horrible Bunch!

All of the children in Phase 4 spent the afternoon being part of some disgusting and gruesome acting during Wednesday morning, as they visited Hull Theatre to watch a performance of Horrible Histories. Everyone behaved amazingly and thoroughly enjoyed the perfomance,

Thank you Carlton Lodge!

6H spent Tuesday morning recounting all of the wonderful and exciting activities they took part in during their Year 6 Residential to Carlton Lodge last week. It turns out they enjoyed so many different things that they had to narrow them down before beginning to plan their letter of thanks.

Monday, 13 October 2014

Carlton Lodge!

After several techinical difficulties, here are the wonderful pictures of Year 6 during their Residential to Carlton Lodge 2014! They had an amazing time, just see for yourselves...